In The Community

At Express Furniture Warehouse, we are committed to saving our customers money. “Furniture can be a large expense for families. So if we can work together and save our customers money, then they will be able to focus those savings on what really matters, their family.” Saving our customers money has been the goal since we opened the doors several years ago and this commitment has made a difference for hundreds of families every week. At the heart of this initiative is the community we live in. That’s why Express Furniture Warehouse continuously supports their community through a variety of different charitable organizations.

Express Furniture Warehouse is proud to support several charities, like Wounded Warriors, The Nanny Angel Network, our proud Military and Veterans, Firefighters Association, Police Association, local women’s shelters, and so many more. We believe that through our community efforts we can make a difference and help support those in need.

Express Furniture Warehouse doesn’t stop at just charities though as our vision extends to everyone in the community. We work directly with the community and with the families in need. For instance, a fire ravaged the home of an elderly couple in one of our local communities, so Express Furniture Warehouse donated an entire house full of furniture to help the couple when nobody else would. A local student didn’t have a bed to sleep in so Express Furniture Warehouse donated a mattress set so the student could get the proper sleep required for their studies. A local family required beds after being forced from their home, so Express Furniture Warehouse donated new beds in order to help them rebuild. These are just a few stories where Express Furniture Warehouse was proud to have the ability to help those in need.

Most recently, Express Furniture was proud to make a large donation to the Nanny Angel network. The Nanny Angel network is an organization that provides childcare to mothers with cancer to assist in taking care of their children, giving the mothers a chance to get well while still knowing their children are being cared for. Audrey Guth the founder, was recently voted a local hero by CNN (see the story here).

Express Furniture Warehouse is proud to serve our local communities. We love making a difference through local initiatives, which would not be possible without the support of our customers, our associates and our communities.