Another year is here with us. There are tons of new furniture styles and trends, which you can choose from. However, it also presents a challenge where there are so many options that you wonder what is good for you. Read on for we have picked some of the most exquisite furniture pieces that you must have at home.

The Scandi Chic at Home

Living Room FurnitureThe Scandinavian style is the hottest trend in the market right now. Do not let the style go away without grabbing a piece for yourself. The style combines functionality, comfort, and classic feel in your living room.

You can have a nine-piece ‘Durban’ dining set that comes in a honey hue and gray upholstery. The seats are created in a Victorian style, low but very comfortable and casual. It creates such a warm, welcoming feeling that none of the family members would be late for dinner.  


A Comfortable Fabric Corner Lounge

Make your home super comfy by investing in fabric corner lounges for your living room. Consider leather recliner lounges as they offer added comfort and have ample seating space. The lounge is suitable for a lazy movie night at home or chatting during the weekend.

You do not have to go for the common dark tones. You can choose cool blues or warm grays with a splash of different prints for the pillows. It is the perfect location to read your favorite book or when you need your ‘me’ moments.  

Add Some Style to Your Storage

Your storage is much more than just functional. You need a piece of storage furniture that also adds beauty to your home. Minimalist yet functional storage materials are the in thing today. Consider a shelf that displays your favorite titles folders and other equipment while still displaying its artistry.

Minimalist styles are also great if you have limited space and do not want the room to look crowded. Go for shelves with easy patterning, easy arrangement, and retrieval of the titles that you want.

A Handy Stool

Stools may look small and worthless but every home should have one or a few pieces. You can use your stool as a nightstand, a side table, or an extra seat when you have a large number of visitors. Stools are compact thereby easy to move around and stack away. You can also use the stool outdoors when you need to catch some breeze.

Most of the stools are simple and plain. However, there are several stylish options on the market. Moreover, you can choose upholstered, round, long stools, which are good for lazy afternoons on the balcony.   

Queen and King Bed

Do not forget your bedroom in your furniture choices. Consider a contemporary queen and king bed made of silver platform that includes a footboard and a headboard. It is minimalist, easy to assemble and incredibly comfortable.

If you love a wooden bed instead, you may consider New York Brown Complete Queen Bed. The bed is made with wood such as maple, American walnut comes with flared legs, and it is low lying. It may look simple, but it frees up space in your bedroom and is a centerpiece to behold.  

Florence Dresser

Reinvent your closet by installing the Florence dresser. With a design inspired by the Victorian era country furniture, the dresser comes in rustic colors and high-quality finishes that make it an instant centerpiece for your room. The golden drawer latches match with the framing and most dark tones in the bedroom. It has a large mirror and several drawers where you can tuck away your make up and clean linen.

Do not just pick a piece of furniture for its good looks in the showroom. Consider what matches your overall style at home, is functional and adds a stylish twist to your living spaces. It’s nice to try new designs and ideas and see the outcome.