The Importance of lamps when it comes to decoration can’t be overstated. You may have decorated and designed your space with taste and care, but you’ll find that lighting makes all the difference.

There are numerous lamps available for décor such as table lamps, floor lamps, reading lamps, wall lamps, recessed lighting, chandeliers, and hanging lamps among others. Selecting the right lamp requires you to know the available features and options that would suit your home.

Also, when choosing lamps, you need to determine and decide on why you need to incorporate the lamps. Are you looking to draw attention to a particular design, make the lamps a focal point, or provide lighting? These are some of the questions that will help you decide on the right type of lamps.

If you’re looking for creative ways to decorate with lamps, here are some ideas to consider.

Create a Theme

After setting up your furniture and the rest of the décor in place, look for lamps that will match with what you already have. For a vintage look, you can choose mid-century inspired lamps. If you prefer a subtle room, opt got sleek contemporary lamps.

Find a Way to Add Femininity or Masculinity to a Room

A pair of crystal lamps on the end tables adds a touch of femininity to a plain bedroom. If it’s a man’s room, angular and sturdy shapes would be ideal. For a shared room, find ways to incorporate both of these elements while staying contemporary. 

Add Recessed Lighting to Your Closets

Your closer is probably one of the darkest rooms in your home. Whether you decided to include a closer as an afterthought or your closet lies on the interior of your bedroom and doesn’t have windows, there are ways to fix this problem. Lighting fixtures such as recessed lighting can add extra lighting to dressing areas.

Use Table Lamps to Bring Light to Your Dark Bedroom

While expert suggests keeping your bedroom dark to create a heavenly den to cozy up after a tiresome day, this may not be applicable if you’re looking for a dramatic appeal. You can add in soft lighting to see and appreciate your bedroom while still keeping the mood. Table lamps with soft glowing lampshades would be ideal in such a case. What’s more, table lamps add to your room’s interior décor.

Utilize Wall Lamps in Your Sitting Rooms

Wall lamps come in various shapes and designs to suit your decorative styles. Furthermore, they do not take up any floor space making them ideal if you have a small living room. Consider adding wall lamps to accentuate your interior or to draw attention to a particular design or art.

Consider Hanging Paper Lanterns for Your Kitchen

Hanging paper lanterns are great for saving space. Moreover, they are extremely decorative. While they may not suit all tastes, you can find ways to incorporate them in your kitchen.

Incorporate Table Lamps

Table lamps are versatile and highly portable, making them perfect for most interior spaces. What’s more, they can function as ambient lamps, accenting lamps, and even as task lamps.  You can choose to use them for their decorative flair even when you’re not using them.  The shades of table lamps can be changed when needed plus they are adjustable, to accommodate your decorative needs.

Complement Your Living Space with Floor Lamps

An elegant floor lamp is the easiest ways to add monumental, yet practical interest to any living space. With their ability to provide lighting to your favorite reading spot and anchor your living room corner, floor lamps are a must have for any home. When using a floor lamp as the main attention in your room, go for shades with bold colors that stand out amid the other décor. You can also opt for shades in pale tone if you’re looking for a minimal look that blends with the other décor. 

You can place arcing floor lamps behind your sofa or over a small breakfast table to create a beautiful and dramatic sculpture.  They not only add an instant modern touch to any space, but they also offer diffused, yet warm light.

The good news is that you can mix floor lamps with other types of light such as overhead lighting. This will depend on the scope of your space. This combination distributes light evenly while adding to the complete design.

Go for Color

Color adds a touch of elegance to any room. Bold table lamps can take your room’s palette from neutral to amazing in seconds.

 Whatever your style, finding the right lamps can make all the difference.  Remember that decorating is also about discovering new looks. The above tips will help you learn some of the creative ways to add lamps to your interior space. It’s important to note that location is essential when positioning your lamps. Lamps should be placed behind sofas, end tables, and on the bedside to avoid blocking the view.