For many people, leather sofas offer the ultimate in comfort. Few things feel as relaxing as stretching out on soft leather. Over time, though, your leather couch may start to lose some of the qualities that make it such a great piece of furniture.

Follow these five tips to care for your leather sofa properly. As long as you take care of your sofa, it should retain its comfort and beauty for years to come.

Protect Your Leather Sofa From Direct Sunlight

Direct sunlight can damage your leather couch, so it makes sense for you to protect it as much as possible. That doesn’t mean that you can’t place your couch in front of your favorite window, though. You just have to take a few precautions.

You can maintain your leather’s beauty by adding blinds or curtains to your window. That way, you can look out the window when you want without damaging the leather. You can also add a UV filter to your window that will remove some of the sun’s most harmful rays.

Clean Your Leather Couch at Least Once Per Week

A little light dusting and vacuuming can work miracles on leather. Make sure you set aside a few minutes for your couch during your weekly cleaning.

Of course, you should leave dirt on the couch until cleaning day arrives. If you notice a spill, dust, or dirt, then you should go ahead and address the problem immediately before it has a chance to hurt your leather.

If you find accumulated dirt in crevices or hard-to-reach places, use a damp cloth to clean the area. You don’t need any fancy chemicals for regular cleaning.

Use Conditioner Once or Twice a Year

Although you don’t need to use special products to keep your leather couch clean, you should apply a leather conditioner at least once or twice a year. Apply the conditioner evenly so you can keep the leather hydrated.

Remember that leather is processed skin. Like skin, it needs good hydration to stay in good shape. Without conditioner, your leather will eventually become cracked and unappealing.

Protect Your Leather Couch From Children and Pets

Children and pets are notoriously rough on furniture. Some pets respond well to training that prevents them from getting on furniture. You might even try using similar rules on your kids!

If you don’t trust the wild animals in your home to follow the rules even when you’re away, then you should invest in an item that will cover the leather from claws and spills. Some people feel comfortable throwing a blanket on the couch. Others will want to spend a little more money on protection made of leather.

Know What Chemicals Are Safe for Your Leather Couch

Unfortunately, there are a lot of cleaning products that can damage your leather couch. Never clean your couch with:

* Amonia.

* Harsh soaps.

* Detergent.

* Cleaning solvents.

These products can strip away the moisture and color that makes your leather couch so attractive. When possible, clean your leather couch with a damp rag. If you can’t solve the problem with a damp rag, then you may want to talk to a professional who has plenty of experience cleaning leather. You don’t want to take any chances when it comes to caring for your favorite piece of furniture.

A new leather sofa can rejuvenate any room of your house. Once you add something beautiful to your home, make sure you take special care of it so you can enjoy the comfort and attractiveness for a lifetime.