Getting together with loved ones to decorate has become an important Christmas tradition for many families. This year, try using some of the following Christmas decoration ideas that will help your mom create a wonderful place for your family to celebrate the holiday season. When you make the right choices, you don’t even have to spend much money on decorations.

Bring the Outdoors Inside

Your mother probably already has a Christmas tree that adds a natural touch to the family home. You don’t have to stop with the tree, though. Instead, try decorating with more items that you can find outdoors.

If you have access to a wooded area with evergreens, you can make your own Christmas decorations from things like spruce, juniper, birch twigs, pine cones, and winterberry. A little silver spray paint on the pine cones will give the appearance of snow. Little details like that can turn ordinary decorations into marvelous attractions.

Once you assemble the items that you have, place the decoration on a fireplace mantel or hang it from a door. Even if you don’t have a white Christmas, the natural decorations will put everyone in the holiday spirit.

Decorate With Holiday Cards

If your mom receives a large number of holiday cards, you use them to decorate various parts of the home. One of the easiest things you can do is use magnets to attach the cards to a refrigerator or other metal appliance.

You can also display the cards by hanging string over your doorways. Then, you slip the card onto the string. If the cards won’t stay put, you can attach them with small pieces of tape.

Other places to put Christmas cards include fireplace mantels, side tables, and empty countertop spaces.

Add Color to the House With Fruit and Other Snacks

The holidays give everyone an excuse to indulge in delicious foods. You can use this as an opportunity to decorate your family’s home with fruits and other brightly colored foods.

Fill a bowl with oranges or apples to add a splash of color to any room. They fruit will also give holiday guests easy access to healthy snacks.

Of course, you can also decorate with sweet, sugary treats. A bowl of gumdrops will also add color to a room. Cookies can do the same job, especially when you add icing and sprinkles to them.

When decorating with food, look for options that can sit out at room temperature for several days without spoiling. Fruits and candies work well, but you should avoid any perishable items that might go bad before they’re eaten.

Take a Minimalist Approach

You don’t necessarily have to stuff your home with decorations to create a festive atmosphere. Sometimes, a little decoration can go a long way.

If your family wants to keep things simple this year, try hanging a string of Christmas lights along the fireplace mantle or shelves. They’ll provide plenty of fun color without getting in the way.

You can also use a specific color scheme when decorating the tree. Instead of piling tinsel, lights, and ornaments on the tree, choose a small number of items that are attractive enough to impress guests. A tree with white lights and well-chosen ornaments can look absolutely gorgeous in an otherwise dark room. As the holiday progresses, you’ll also get to enjoy the beauty of wrapped presents under the tree.

Your mom has been decorating for Christmas throughout your life. Now is a good time to help her out and introduce her to some new ideas. By getting other members of the family involved, you’ll have even more fun decorating the house this year.