What Makes Furniture Timeless

Homeowners and designers constantly ask: what makes any furniture timeless? Having the best home design begins with elegant furnishings. You need to know how a space will be used when designing any given room. Furniture plays a significant role in the way a space looks and functions

Definition of Timeless Furniture

Furniture tends to come and go over time. You’ll notice that some furniture really catches on and later earns the label of classic design.  Timeless furniture doesn’t go with trends and it never goes out of style. It’s classic.

Examples of Timeless Furniture

Some of the well-made pieces that you can appreciate for years to come include:

  • Chesterfield Style Sofa

The Chesterfield style sofa is an old classic thanks to its sturdy lines and comfort. You can find both the masculine and feminine feel with this design. Moreover, it looks amazing in fabrics or in leather. The wide cushions combine style with comfort.

  • Large Decorative Mirrors

Mirrors are not only used to see your reflection, they are also meant to enhance the square footage of any room creating more space. One of the living room furniture that will never go out of style is the fireplace mirror.

You can place a large mirror behind the sofa or over a fireplace.  Furthermore you can find a mirror that can accentuate your existing interior décor.

5 Tips for Decorating Your Home with Timeless Furniture

  • Combine Classic Furniture with Everyday Items

Your home is where you relax, entertain, and sometimes work. To avoid giving the illusion of a gallery, incorporate timeless pieces with your everyday items.  A working clock is ideal for the kitchen while a vintage mirror would work well in a dark hallway as it gives the feeling of space and light. You can use a vintage table for a variety of purposes/

  • Choose Your Colors Carefully

 Colors are essential when decorating any room. Heavy textiles and dark furniture work well in large spaces with plenty of light and high ceilings. However, these two items will make a small room look oppressive. Consider the color scheme of a room before placing any timeless antiques in it.

  • Be Minimalistic

When decorating, there’s the temptation to have too many pieces in one place. This makes a room appear clutters and detracts you from the impact each item would have made for the centerpieces, choose a decorative mirror, clock, or a vintage table. This will provide that elegant touch to your room without being overwhelming.

  • Incorporate Modern with Vintage

A great way to integrate old and new in a refreshing and exciting way is to surround your modern pieces with vintage touches. If you have a classic sideboard, you can place it on a modern carpet. A sleek table with an antique lamp gives a room an elegant, yet graceful style.

  • Texture

Textured furniture may appear trendy, but they are more durable compared to patterns.  Pieces like ottomans combined with rugs provide you with that trendy, yet long lasting look.

  • Focus on a Common Theme

While having all your pieces in one style is okay, it’s sometimes best to focus on a common theme when decorating. Blend the curtains, furnishing, lampshades and upholstery in matching shades. Also, you can focus on one or two vintage pieces to display distinctive items.

  • Don’t Forget the Fun Factor

Although function plays an important role when designing a home, you shouldn’t forget the fun factor. A 80s side table, chic desk chairs, and a cosmic office lounge adds some whimsical aspect to a room, leading to an eclectic and timeless feel.

Timeless furniture adds elegance to any space.  Remember to be minimal, play around with texture, and blend the old and new to create that classic look.