As many doctors say, “sitting is the new smoking.” Numerous studies show that sitting for too long can lead to health problems like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and high blood sugar. Some conditions, including cardiovascular disease and cancer, can lead to death.

These are scary things to learn, especially if you spend much of your workday sitting at a desk. The Mayo Clinic recommends that people who work at desks try using standing desks so they spend more time on their feet instead of sitting.

Before you buy a standing desk for your office or home, you should learn about features that will make your furniture more useful and attractive. When you shop, look for features available in the ultimate designer stand up desks.

Herman Miller Renew Standing Desk Herman Miller’s Renew series of standing desks have some of the most impressive designs on the market. If you want a designer standing desk that looks amazing in your office, you should check out the various Renew designs. They come in a range of colors, shapes, and sizes to match your office’s design aesthetic.

The Renew desks do more than look attractive, though. Herman Miller’s designers include several features that make the desks easy to use. Each desk is adjustable to the perfect height for your body.

When adjusting the desk’s height, you simply press a soft, paddle-shaped switch up or down. The desk will move into the perfect position for your body while standing or sitting.

Renew sit-to-stand tables also have integrated cord management that helps keep your office organized. The cords for your computer, monitors, smartphone, and other devices sit in a trough located just below the table. The trough makes it simple for you to keep cords organized and out of sight. From the trough, cords get winded through the desk’s legs to keep them hidden.

Considering the amount of effort that Herman Miller spent designing its Renew stand up desks, you can expect to spend more than $1,500 on them. Some have prices over $2,700.

iMovR Lander Desk iMovR’s Lander Desk gives you extraordinary design and features without forcing you to spend more than $1,000. The Lander Desk is completely designed and manufactured in the United States. Its high-quality materials and innovative design make it attractive and useful. It even comes with a 10-year warranty for all base components and a 5-year warranty for the tabletop.

The technology inside the Lander Desk makes it a terrific option for people who want designer stand up desks that work well. It features an extremely quiet motor that adjusts the desk’s height. You can adjust the desk’s height by tapping a control paddle or using the company’s free smartphone app. The app lets your phone communicate with the desk via Bluetooth.

Perhaps most importantly, the Lander Desk requires very little assembly. You just have to put the parts together. It doesn’t require any tools, and only takes about a minute to put together.

If you want a design stand up desk for less than $1,000, you should check out the Lander Desk from iMovR.

Mojodesk Gamer Pro Although designed for gamers, the Mojodesk Gamer Pro will match the needs of just about anyone who wants to stand instead of sit. The Gamer Pro includes a built-in monitor arm that frees your desktop from clutter. Use the extra space to keep your work area clean or store other items like webcams and USB microphones.

The Gamer Pro has an electric telescoping frame that’s suitable for people up to 6’5”. Four programmable presets make it useful for offices where people share desks. You also get free shipping and a 5-year warranty.

You don’t have to spend a lot of time sitting during busy days. With a designer stand up desk, you can improve your health while making your office look gorgeous.