Anybody who has ever lived or visited New York City realizes just how small studio apartments really are. The average New Yorker is not living in a large pent house or a three story town house. Most individuals have several roommates in order to afford the incredibly costly prices or a studio apartment where space is lacking (to say the least). Despite the absence of spacious living conditions, most renters or even owners don’t wish to sacrifice on style due to the lack of space, and that’s where Express Furniture Warehouse is here to help. FW furniture has stylish, affordable and most importantly, storage savvy and spatially efficient options. From storage unit bedroom sets, to lighting, sofas and dining room sets, FW furniture in New York has everything and anything needed to decorate, save space and look great all at once.

Trying to reorganize your living space? Here we’ve broken down the top 5 ways to decorate and organize your home:

  1. Storage furniture: There’s no quicker way to have sleek, stylish bedroom décor that simultaneously saves space than with storage bedroom sets. These great looking pieces are sturdy, chic and match any style. With large, deep drawers and hidden spaces for personal items, bedroom storage units are the best solution for any New York bedroom.
  2. Floor lamps: Sleek, wrought iron floor lamps are a simple, subtle yet stylish way to add lighting to any room without taking up space. Avoid adding clutter to your dresser, desks or side tables by removing those hefty table lamps and adding a slim floor lamp. If you are trying to light up the space near your couches or your bed, consider getting a 'spider' lamp that features five individual lights that can be adjusted to maximize brightness.
  3. Fabric covered hangers: Tired of those clunky, plastic hangers taking up twice as much space in your closet as necessary? Get rid of those eye sores and add velour covered hangers. They not only protect your clothing better and keep silky, slippery items from sliding off the hanger, but they will double the space in your closet as well. Padded hangers are a great way to maximize closet space and hold heavy items.
  4. Coffee table chests: Get rid of those pointy, clunky old coffee tables and try a modern twist on your living room décor by adding a coffee table ottoman. Be sure to find one with a removable top in order to double your coffee table as a storage unit. This will open up your options to store blankets, extra pillows, your old magazines or even toys.
  5. Chairside tables: Using slender yet sturdy chairside tables will offer you a useful table when sitting on the furniture itself, with a convenience bottom shelf to store excess items from your living area.