New York furniture stores make a lot of deliveries, and that means they climb a lot of stairs. After you've taken a few hundred couches up narrow New York staircases, you start to get good at it. But we're not going to keep the secrets to ourselves—here's how to make moving furniture into (or out of) a high rise building a whole lot easier:


  • Measure first – If a door, hallway or corner is too narrow, you can't just make it go away. But you can at least know about it in advance. Before you move your furniture, walk your planned route through the building with a tape measure and check any tight spots. Write down the numbers and check them against the furniture you're going to move. If anything won't fit, plan a different route or get ready to take things apart.
  • Have the right tools – In most cases a Phillips head, flathead, and adjustable wrench is all that is required to take apart furniture. Sometimes you'll also need an allen wrench (hex key). Assemble your tools before the day of the move. A drill with the appropriate attachment makes the job go faster, but make sure it's fully charged.
  • Back support – It may seem goofy, but wearing a lifting belt really does make a difference. Yes, even when lifting with your knees you put strain on your back. Lifting belts are available for about $20 and can help prevent a serious injury.
  • Three person minimum – When taking something heavy up or down the stairs, professionals from New York furniture stores never leave just one man on the bottom. You shouldn't either. Put two men on the bottom end, so that one can support the item while the other adjusts his grip on corners. This greatly reduces the risk of the furniture slipping down the stairs—and taking somebody with it.
  • Wrap obstacles – If railings, door jams or pillars are in the way along your route, throw a furniture pad around them before you start. The chances of scratching your furniture will drop dramatically.
  • Get delivery! – The best New York furniture stores deliver, so save yourself the hassle if you're buying furniture and let them do the work for you.

Of course, this is just a smattering of the moving expertise that Express Furniture Warehouse has picked up. What tips do you have for moving furniture in New York?