If you are among the few lucky people that can have pets in your apartment than this article is for you! Pets are fun-loving companions that are always by your side and one thing to keep in mind when owning a pet is making your apartment pet friendly. Ensuring that your apartment is pet friendly really depends on what kind of pet you have or the kind of pet you plan on getting. Typically, cats and dogs are among the top choices for pet owners as they can be easily predictable and provide non-stop entertainment. When they get tuckered out, they will want some where to sleep, so what do you do?


Just like humans, pets like to take naps, sleep and even dream so you want to have a space for them in your apartment to sprawl out and get some shuteye. Sometimes it can be challenging to designate a space for them in a New York apartment but there are some solutions. For a dog, consider a ‘doggie’ blanket that can be placed on a couch cushion because it will deter pet hair on the couch and be comfy enough for them to catch some Zs. For a cat, you can do the same or purchase a cat bed from a pet store and since cats typically take up less space, it shouldn’t be a problem to find a place for them.

However, there are some concerns with pets and furniture. Depending on how well you have them housebroken will reflect the amount of bathroom ‘accidents’ you have to clean up. Dogs typically have the urge to ‘mark’ their territory and will urinate on the corners of furniture like couches. One suggestion if you can’t break them of the habit is to purchase furniture that can easily be cleaned on a regular basis. New York furniture stores like Express Furniture Warehouse carry couches and loveseats that are made bonded leather or microfiber that can be easily cleaned if an ‘accident’ takes place.

One of the best features about bonded leather sofas is their natural ability to repel pet hair. Due to their comfortable and smooth surface, pet hair cannot embed itself onto the material – making it super easy to maintain! Another easy-to-maintain material that is pet friendly is microfiber. Microfiber is soft to the touch and one of its biggest benefits is that can it easily be cleaned with a light detergent in the event of a pet accident.

Speaking of maintaining furniture, cats like to scratch things and sometimes may take your living room furniture as their own personal scratching post. To avoid that you can pick up an inexpensive scratching post and sprinkle it with cat nip. This will keep the cat scratching the post and not your furniture! Keep in mind cats require litter boxes unless you can train them to use the toilet. Given that many people don’t toilet train their cat, a covered litter box is the way to go. It helps keep the litter where it’s supposed to be and lessens the chance of it stinking because it will be in an enclosed area.

Once you have the basics down like a place to sleep, a place to eat and drink, you can make your apartment even more pet friendly by getting your pet some toys. Pets can get easily bored so having some chewy toys around or other items to keep them entertained will be greatly appreciated by them.