When it comes to your home, how much thought went into the color choices of your furniture, wall paint and decor? Was it something that took a few days to decide or was it love at first sight? Well, color is a powerful design tool that isn't just about personal tastes, it can change the way a space feels and create a variety of moods. In fact, there is some psychological reasoning behind color, which can help you create different vibes in each room of your home. Check out the different moods you can create with a few simple color changes!



Did you know the color red can increase you appetite? In fact, many restaurants use the color red in their logos and dining areas to stimulate our sense of hunger. With that said, you can build up your appetite by using the color red in your own kitchen and dining room. Since red is such a bold and energetic color, you may want to only use it as an accent paired with other neutral shades. For instance, you can paint one wall in your kitchen or dining room to serve as an accent wall or use red area rugs, lamp shades and wall art.


If you're looking to make a room calming, inviting and tranquil, blue may be the color for you. It works wonders in living room and bedrooms because it reminds us of soothing things like the bright sky and relaxing waters. If you're looking for this mood in the living room, consider a neutral color on the wall so your blue sofa, loveseat and arm chair give you the open invitation to sit and relax. And according to the experts HGTV, shades of blue like turquoise evoke a sense of stability and peace. So after a long hectic day at work, you could get some much needed serenity in a blue room.


If you're looking to get an extra boost each morning, consider applying the color green to your bedroom because it reminds us of life and renewal. Green is associated with nature and it's one of the most versatile colors if paired with the right décor. Consider a muted and toned Earthy or sage green on the walls with a medium brown bedroom set or a white bedroom set. These combinations will ease you to sleep at night and give you a revitalizing boost in the morning.


When you're working in your home office or just want to be in an optimistic mood, yellow is the way to go. According to a color expert, yellow is like sunshine, which conveys happiness, optimism and confidence! Some studies have found that the brain releases more serotonin and that's responsible for positive psychological vibes. To create this type of mood, work with yellow and white colors. For instance, if the walls are white, make sure your furniture and accent pieces are yellow and if the walls are yellow, choose furniture that is white or contrasting.


When you want a simple and spacious place to unwind, the color white can give you the illusion of a larger room. Since space can be limited living in NYC, you will want to have dark, contrasting pieces of furniture up against white walls to create that simplistic and peaceful mood. Be sure to also note that white transmits feelings of clarity and that can help you put your mind at ease after a stressful day!

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