Getting the best deals on home goods requires a little forethought and planning (except, of course, when buying sofas from Express Furniture Warehouse). It turns out that household goods tend to have lower prices at certain times of the year.

If you need a new item for your house, you could potentially save quite a bit of money by waiting a few months to buy it. Of course, you can also plan to upgrade items that you already own or purchase gifts for your loved ones. As long as you shop at the right time, you’ll save money.

Try to schedule your shopping around the following schedule to take advantage of low prices.


After the holidays, retail stores use deep discounts to clear their shelves of unpurchased items. After all, they need to make room for the upcoming year’s new products.

When you shop shortly after Christmas, you can find discounts of 50% or more. Compare prices and discounts to make sure you get the best deals.

Items typically on sale during January include:

* Exercise equipment like treadmills and elliptical machines.

* Gear and clothing for winter sports.

* Linens and sheets.

* Televisions.

* Bathroom scales.

Obviously, retailers are also targeting people who have recently resolved to get in better shape.


As winter marches on, retailer stores start to focus on items that people need during cold, dry weather. They also continue using discounts to get more consumers to purchase outdoor gear.

When you shop this February, look for the biggest discounts on items like:

* Humidifiers.

* Mattresses.

* Winter coats.

* Gear and clothing for winter sports.

If you plan really well, you can buy new linens in January and add them to your new mattress in February. Just make sure you know what mattress size you want.


Valentine’s Day has passed and people are still dealing with winter weather, so you can expect to find discounts on:

* Boxed chocolates.

* Elliptical machines and treadmills.

* Humidifiers.

* Digital cameras.


Once April arrives, a lot of people enter “spring cleaning mode.” That helps explain why carpets go on sale. For some reason, retailers also tend to offer discounts on:

* Digital cameras.

* Laptop computers.

* Desktop computers.


Spring cleaning continues through May. The sunny, warmer weather also encourages people to head outside for the first time in months. Retailers want to make sure that you take your children outdoors with you.

Some discounted items to look for in May include:

* Baby high chairs.

* Strollers.

* Plants for inside and outside.

* Wood stains.

* Mattresses.

* Desktop and laptop computers.


Retailers aren’t particularly busy during the summer, so they offer discounts so you’ll still shop. Some of the items that they discount include:

* Equipment and clothing for summer sports.

* Indoor furniture.

* Camcorders.

The higher temperatures may also tempt people to shop for treadmills and elliptical machines.


You find pretty much the same items on sale in July as June. Decking, paint, and home siding are notable exceptions. July is a good time for home improvements!


With high heat and the approaching school year, retail stores attract shoppers with sales on:

* Air conditioners.

* Dehumidifiers.

* Backpacks.

* Clothes.

* School items.


Students and parents are still buying items for school in September, which helps explain why you find so many discounts for:

* Computers.

* Printers.

* Digital cameras.

You can also spruce up your property with discounts on:

* Snow blowers.

* Paint.

* Lawnmowers.

* Tractors.


October is a good time to buy electronics like desktop computers and digital cameras. You’ll also find sales on:

* Gas grills.

* Lawnmowers.

* Tractors.


There aren’t many sales in November, but you can get discounts on:

* Camcorders.

* Gas grills.

* GPS.

* Televisions.


Retailers rely on good sales in December to make them profitable. Some of the items that they discount for the holidays include:

* Cookware.

* TVs.

* Blu-Ray players.

* Headphones.

* Major appliances.

Keep this list handy so you can plan your purchases and never pay full price, again!