The pieces of furniture in your home represent your personality and the style choices you've made can really make an impression on guests. With that said, it's important to properly maintain your furniture so it'll look great and last for years to come. But not all furniture can be maintained the same way which is why you must be careful when it comes caring for your furniture. For instance, a microfiber couch is not meant to be shiny or radiant but that's the look you want for bonded leather furniture. In order to maintain that distinctive lustrous look when caring for leather furniture, you'll need to occasionally polish it.

The challenge is finding the best leather furniture polish because there are so many care products on the market. You'll want a polish that can clean, condition and protect your leather furniture because proper care will emulate that gorgeous, shiny look found on leather pieces in NYC furniture stores. But which leather polishes will work best for you? Check out these three picks that can come in the form of a wipe, a spray bottle or squeeze application.


Weiman Leather Wipes

If you want a reputable brand that gives you the convenience of speed and one-handed application, than Weiman Leather Wipes may be the perfect product for you. These wipes come pre-moistened which means you can just take one out and begin to care for your leather furniture. It features six natural oils that can help restore leather and protect it from sun damage with special UVX-15 sunscreen protectants. Additionally, the wipes can easily wipe away grim and dust while leaving the leather shiny.

Mr. Leather One-Step Liquid Spray

The Mr. Leather brand is an economical choice among liquid sprays because it's a one-step application process – meaning there aren't pretreatments or sealer coats needed. It's simple to use with an applicator sponge or non-abrasive terry cloth. It can provide for deeper leather conditioning than the wipes but does require slightly more effort in the overall process. Not to mention, the spray helps repel water and doesn't leave an oily residue after polishing.

Leather Nova Leather Conditioner

The leather conditioner polish manufactured by Leather Nova provides you with rich conditioning power to give your leather furniture that brand new look. The product boasts the capability of repelling water, snow and rain but you shouldn't have to worry about outside elements as your leather furniture should be kept indoors. The polish comes in a squeeze bottle and also requires the use of a non-abrasive cloth or applicator sponge. With this conditioner, you can expect your leather couch, loveseat and arm chair to maintain its soft and smooth texture for years to come with regular polishing.

All three leather care polishes above can help you keep your leather furniture looking fantastic! But if you want to start off fresh with brand new leather living room sets, check out the best NYC furniture stores – Express Furniture Warehouse!