Have you ever purchased a sofa set, or a bedroom set and been told that it will be ready for pick up or delivery in about 4 to 6 weeks? If so, don't worry, you are not alone. Having to wait for furniture has grown customary, no different than having to wait for a package in the mail. But did you know that Express Furniture Warehouse has Same Day Delivery? You can actually own and enjoy your furniture purchase that same day. Did you also know that not a lot of furniture stores offer this service?


It's no secret that furniture takes up space, so warehousing a wide selection of furniture requires a lot of space. That's why a lot of furniture companies consolidate their warehouses into one large facility, normally several hundred miles away. Although convenient for the retailer, it does come at a cost to the consumer in the form of delays and damage. For instance, let's say you purchase a bedroom set from a local furniture retailer (not recommended, but let's just say for example purposes), that bedroom set will get shipped to the store from a central distribution center, most likely several hours away, then it gets shipped again to your doorstep. All that shipping takes time (on average 4 to 6 weeks), since that distribution center handles the shipping for several locations. Also, you must take damage into consideration, first the furniture is shipped to the distribution center, then it's shipped to the store, then it's shipped to your door. That's a long journey, so no wonder you see large showrooms full of discounted damaged items.

Now let's change that scenario and say you purchased the very same bedroom set from your local Express Furniture Warehouse (Smart Choice by the way), not only do you save hundreds more with our Warehouse Direct Prices, but you also get to have that bedroom set delivered to your home that very same day. Express Furniture Warehouse has a large warehouse attached to every retail location, which means a lot of our products are in stock and ready to go. So if your furniture is in stock, then you don't have to wait 4 to 6 weeks for delivery, you can just pick it up immediately, or have our third party delivery service ship it to your home within hours. Please note, Same Day Delivery is only valid on in-stock items.

Same Day Delivery is just one benefit to shopping at Express Furniture Warehouse. Click to Learn More about Our Approved Layaway Program. Get Brand Name Furniture like Ashley or Serta all at Warehouse Direct Prices! 100% Approved Layaway! Same Day Delivery! Shopping at Express Furniture Warehouse just makes sense.