Many young, up-and-comers in America have dreamed of moving to New York City and making their way. Whether you aspire to be a writer, actor or a stockbroker on Wall Street, living and working in "The Big Apple" epitomizes satisfaction and success in the world. Despite the glitz and glamour that The City represents, transitioning to life here is a challenge for most people (excepting perhaps the Kardashians).

Usually, this uprooting process involves financial burdens more than anything else – unsurprising, considering that New York City is one of the most expensive places to live in the world. However, the good news is that you can cut costs by keeping these three things in mind:

  1. Avoid realtors and fees – Despite the temptation to use a realtor or broker to find that perfect apartment in the city, stress-free, many New Yorkers living on a budget utilize a rather archaic tool in order to cut costs: the classified ads. Just because we live in an era when printing mediums have become less relied upon doesn't mean that they have no uses. The classified ads are still a smart, helpful tool for narrowing down options, getting details, and eliminating inadequate apartments without leaving the couch or opening your wallet. The only difference is that some of these ads may now be located on the Internet – which only gives you more options! After all, why pay a realtor when your iPhone can showcase apartments for free?
  1. Remember – roommates aren't just for college – Although posting a Craig's list ad looking for random roommates to share a tiny New York City apartment with isn't exactly the best option, finding a decent, trustworthy and compatible companion will be an enormous financial break. New York City apartments are notoriously costly; therefore, it's generally smarter financially to divide the price up between two or more people. Just be sure to find out a good deal about anyone you're going to share with and create some roommate guidelines that everyone can agree on.
  1. Shop for Affordable Furniture – Last but certainly not least, bargain shopping for furniture will be the saving grace of your New York City move. There is no need to break the bank in order to spruce up or fill your living space. Discount New York furniture stores, such as the Express Furniture Warehouse, offer incredible value for unbelievably low prices. The key is to find quality, brand name items at bargain prices and you'll make any room and any style come to life. Remember to save yourself time and money by taking stock of your needs and measuring your spaces ahead of time.