If you are moving into a new apartment, it is important to make sure that everything is in its right place. An apartment is not quite home without some furniture and, of course, the décor that puts it all together. However, measuring furniture is a very critical part of the moving process. As fun as moving can be, there are a few details which can’t be overlooked, and measuring the furniture is just one of those details.

Whether you seek out cheap furniture stores in NYC to purchase your sofa and coffee table, you will most certainly want to ensure that the furniture fits flawlessly into your apartment. The last thing you will want to do is purchase a brand new and luxurious sofa which can’t quite fit through the doorway. This guide will help you to measure your furniture to make sure that they will fit perfectly into your new place.

Step One: Measure the Residence Entryways


The very first step of measuring for your apartment furniture is to measure the actual entryways. You will want to measure the heights and widths of any hallways and doorways that will come up in your path.

Step Two: Measure the Furniture


After you have your measurements for the hallways and doorways, you will want to measure the actual furniture. When it comes to your sofa, you will want to measure the width and the diagonal depth. As far as bookcases and armoires go, you will want to measure them according to them by the diagonal height at its widest point and depth. If measuring is an issue for you, then asking a sales associate at the store is another option to consider.

Step Three: Make Sure the Furniture Fits in Your Apartment


For this step, you will want to compare the dimensions of your apartment so that the furniture will fit according to plan. You will want to take note of obstacles such as ceilings, fixtures, your interior walls, stairwell banisters, and especially any turns you will have to make.


Measuring your furniture is relatively simple, but it is one of the most important parts of moving into your apartment. Even if you choose the highest quality furniture, the measurements are what ensure the space that you will have left inside of your apartment and will make things tremendously easier for you once you try to get your furniture up the stairs.