Did you know that Express Furniture Warehouse offers 100% Approved Layaway? Did you also know that no other furniture retailer offers this program to their customers? But have you ever asked yourself, what is 100% Approved Layaway and why would it be a benefit? Let's take a few minutes to discuss the program and the benefits that it offers to you as a customer.


To start off, have you ever found a promotion that was just too good to pass up, but you were short on money to purchase at that moment? Well, the 100% Free Layaway program is perfect for you! You get to lock in that low price today and set up a flexible payment plan that's convenient for you. That's just one of the many benefits of the Approved Layaway program at Express Furniture Warehouse.

So let's work through a scenario, let's say you want to purchase a living room set, perhaps a Brand New, Warehouse Direct Ashley set, like the Fairmont Sofa and Loveseat (a very nice selection by the way). But wait, you don't have the sufficient funds to pay for the sofa and loveseat (at least not today anyways). So at this point of the sale, you have a few options; one option, depending on your credit level, is to take advantage of the On-The-Spot Financing program and make no payments for 12 months (OAC). Or as a second option, you could always start a Layaway program. But how do you take advantage of this great program?

To start, there is no credit check required, so everybody is approved for the Layaway Program, it just takes a small initial deposit (in which any amount will do) in order to begin. The sales clerk will write up a sales bill, take the initial deposit, and then work with you on setting up a flexible payment schedule for the remaining amount. The payment schedule has no time restrictions, and works within your budget and pay period. So for instance, you could make monthly payments, or bi-weekly payments, or weekly payments, the choice is yours. You even get to dictate the payment amounts, so it could be $100, or any amount that you are comfortable with, again the choice is yours. The Layaway program has been structured to work with any financial situation. Plus, there are no hidden charges like interest fees or storage fees.

We should however, take a moment to review some of the small print details. For instance, if you stop making layaway payments, after 90 days, there is a small $5 per month administration fee for continuing the program while not making payments. This charge is only implemented if you stop making payments for 90 days. If you keep to your payment schedule, then this charge is not administered.

What if the item you have on layaway becomes discontinued? Great question. If the item you are patiently waiting for, suddenly becomes unavailable (say for fabric issues), then you are contacted immediately so you can have first choice on the remaining stock. Sometimes, you can even receive a discount on the item if it gets discontinued. This is a good time to note though; you cannot start a layaway with items that have been discontinued or placed in the clearance section. Due to the large discounts applied to the Clearance items, all items are sold on a first come first served basis.

Now let’s say that you are successfully working through your layaway with continuous payments and suddenly you have paid off certain items. So going back to the scenario, it's been a few months and you have paid off the loveseat, first off, congratulations! Now you get to pick that item up or have it delivered. As courtesy, please provide 2 weeks notice on pick up to ensure that the product is in stock. If it's already in stock, then you may pick it up or have it delivered that same day! Once picked up, you can resume the Layaway program until the sofa has been paid in full and picked up. It's that easy.

What happens if you have started a Layaway program, but changed your mind and decided to cancel? Great question. Since we strive to make sure that all customers are making the right selection, we have a 10 day "Just Looking" Guarantee. So at any point within those first 10 days, you can change your mind and get a full refund. If it’s been longer than 10 days, then you can put your deposit towards another item.

So to recap, what are some of the benefits of the 100% Approved Layaway Program?
No Credit Checks!
No Storage Fees!
No Interest Fees!
Price Hold Protection!
Flexible Start Up Deposit!
No Time Restrictions!
"Just Looking" Guarantee!

So if you are wondering if the 100% Approved Layaway Program is right for you, the answer is, absolutely. Take the Warehouse Direct Prices from Express Furniture Warehouse and mix it with the 100% Approved Layaway program and you know that you are getting the best value on all your furniture needs!