Here are some amazing tips on how to furnish your breakfast nook and make it stand out.

Put in a Gallery Wall

A breakfast nook can be the main dining event or an extra dining area. A gallery wall placed on the space makes the area feel like the main attraction. A mix of paintings and prints add an appealing touch to your nook and help create a fun conversation with your guests when having a conversation.

Experiment with Pattern Play

Whenever you have some small space in your home, it’s a perfect opportunity to experiment with pattern. Playing with pattern gives you a chance to go wild. You can start with two or three colors as base colors, and experiment with different patterns.

Consider Warm Colors

Cool chrome finishes and a contemporary style are warmed by autumn hues to create a comfortable nook.

Add in Some Personal Touches

A breakfast nook is an excellent way to experiment with what you already have, Add in some children’s artwork or family photos to create a beautiful nook.

Fresh Take on Vintage

If your breakfast nook is in an unused corner, add in a built in bench and vintage inspired furniture. Experiment with different light fixtures to create a playful, yet casual vibe to your nook.

Combine Scales and Textures

Having a white wall can be a bit boring. To spruce things up, include oversize art and printed throw pillows.  Go for a dark wood table and fancy stools to contrast your upholstery and white walls. This also adds some elegance to a rather boring spot.

Pay Attention to the Rugs

You can make your nook pop by using rugs with detail. Everyone will want to be a part of this spectacular spot. Select a rug that not only protects your floor from scratches, but one that complements your décor and style.

Let in Natural Light

Wouldn’t it be amazing to enjoy your breakfast with all the wonderful sun rays pouting in?  By opening up the windows, you can make this nook the perfect sport to grab a cup of coffee of just lounge and enjoy your meal.  You can add a tulip table is ideal if you eat together as a family.  Add some hidden storage to a casual breakfast nook by including a built in banquette.

Go for Different Types of Seats

A breakfast nook doesn’t mean that you have to settle for certain kind of seats. You don’t have to settle for kitchen table chairs. Spice things up by using different types of seating to create a cozy and casual look. You could also add benches to make your nook appear spacious. Benches work well for rectangular dining tables.

Add in a Minimalist Design

Combination of metallic, wood, and white creates a Scandinavian inspired nook. Add in tropical vibes such as bright yellow chairs, toucan pillow, and a green vase to make your nook pop. Go for a geometric pendant light to add in light.

Combine Contemporary and Modern

When creating a fresh and unique dining space, you don’t have to match everything. If you have modern chairs, you can add in a Victorian table to create the right blend of contemporary and traditional.

A breakfast nook shouldn’t be boring or dull.  These helpful tips and tricks will help you create an elegant and stylish nook. Remember to keep it minimal but classy.