Furniture is the third largest purchase you will make, so we want you to enjoy your furniture for as long as possible. Here are some tips and tricks to keep your furniture lasting longer.

Step 1. Cleaning
Vacuuming your sofa weekly with an upholstery attachment will keep the sofa clean and dirt/debris free which can lead to damage.

If something spills on your sofa read the manufacturer's label, this will tell you how to properly clean your sofa based on its material. Treat stains on leather furniture immediately. As soon as something spills, blot the spill with a soft cloth until the spill is soaked up. If you catch a spill quick enough, you can remove it before it leaves a mark on your sofa.

Use a lint roller regularly. This is especially important if you have pets. Once a week, roll a lint roller over your sofa.

Step 2. Maintaining

Sitting in the same spot will cause extra wear on the one spot compared to the rest of your couch, so rotate cushions or try to sit in different spots.

Fluff cushions weekly. This will move the stuffing around, preventing it from clumping and becoming hard.

Step 3. Preventing Damage

Keep your sofa away from direct sunlight. Sunlight can be harmful to your sofa’s material. You should keep your sofa away from open windows. Draw your blinds during peak sunlight hours in your area.

Covering your sofa during social events will help prevent stains.  You can buy a suitable slip cover for your sofa to prevent spills. Cover leather furniture when it's not in use. Leather furniture requires greater protection than other sofas. You can drape lightweight sheets over leather furniture when it's not in use. Cleaning will go much quicker if you cover leather furniture, as it will not gather as much dust and dirt.

Do not sit on a sofa's armrest. Only sit on the portions of a sofa designed for sitting. Sitting on a sofa's armrest can cause damage. If you live with others, especially young children, make sure everyone in your household knows not to sit on a sofa's armrest.

Following these simple steps will make the life of your upholstery much longer.