You know that your mattress absorbs dust, bacteria and harmful microbes, but did you know the same happens with your pillow? Some people go straight to buying new pillows when theirs loses it's freshness but most pillows can be washed in a regular laundry cycle and dried to nearly “good as new.”

To keep the your pillow fresh and clean you should be washing your pillow weekly, just as you do your bed sheets. Remove the pillow case, you can wash the case along with your pillow, but you want to separate the two so they can get as clean as possible.

Most synthetic, poly-filled pillows can be easily washed and dried. You might be surprised to know that you can even wash and dry some feather or down pillows. Memory foam pillows are the only pillows that should not be machine washed and dried.

For a memory foam pillow, fill a sink or bathtub with lukewarm water and a small amount of detergent. Completely submerge the pillow and squeeze gently to move the cleaning solution through the foam. NEVER put a solid foam pillow in a washer because it may destroy it and never in the dryer as it is a fire hazard.

Before tossing your pillows into the washer, however, be sure to read the laundry tags to make sure you can safely run them through the wash.

Have you had your pillows for longer than you can remember? Pillows collect allergens, dust mites and dead skin. Sleep and allergy specialists recommend purchasing new pillows every two-to-three years so your pillow supports your head and neck the way it should and for health reasons.

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