As 2017 comes to a close, many people will resolve to update their homes to look more contemporary. Before you start preparing for a home makeover, you’ll need to know about these five home decorating trends for 2018. If you follow them, you will have one of the best looking homes in your neighborhood.

Add More Circles to Your Home

In 2018, circles will play an important role in home decorating. You’ll find circles on pillows, window coverings and rugs. You may even find a surprising number of circular tables made of wood or glass.

You can get ahead of this trends without spending much money by getting pillows with circles printed on their fabrics. If you’re willing to spend a little more money, then get a small, round table for your living room. Taking these two simple steps will make your house look more modern and comfortable.

Use More Brass Accents Around Your Home

When it comes to decorating with metal, stainless steel has gotten a lot of attention for decades. Stainless steel has been around for so long, though, that decorators are starting to get tired of it. Instead, they want metals that stand out from the other elements in a room.

Brass accents give you the perfect opportunity to update your home’s appearance while staying within your budget. A brass faucet for your bathroom sink, for instance, will add a splash of color that you don’t get from stainless steel. You can also swap doorknobs, sinks, planters, mirrors and other items for versions made of brass.

Make Your Kitchen More Colorful

For the most part, contemporary décor encourages you to keep your kitchen as simple as possible. That’s starting to change, though. People just want to see more color in this important room.

Painting is one of the most affordable ways to add color throughout your kitchen. Feel free to paint your cabinets with several shades of the same color. You’ll add just enough diversity to make your kitchen look more colorful and fun.

You can also add more color to your kitchen by swapping dull drawer and cabinet handles for more colorful options that you find in furniture supply stores and even antique stores.

Add More Textures to Your Living Areas

Matching furniture is overrated, especially when it shares qualities with your wallpaper, paint, floor and other parts of your home. For 2018, you should try to add more textures to living areas. Doing so will create a more eclectic feel that’s visually interesting.

The option to add more textures to your living room, family room, bedroom and other areas of the house also means that you can mix and match furniture from various collections. When you don’t want your furniture’s textures to match, you gain the opportunity to buy your favorite items from throughout the furniture store.

Use Olive Green Fearlessly

Many home decorating experts believe that olive green will made a big comeback in 2018. You can use olive green fearlessly in your home by painting your walls green, choosing green fabrics and decorating with more plants.

You should find that the olive green color makes your house feel more cozy and relaxing.

Use Natural Elements to Bring Nature Indoors

Natural elements have slowly been making their ways into houses. You may have already jumped on trends like using tables made from reclaimed wood or adding a real rock counter top to your kitchen.

As the trend continues into 2018, you can get even more adventurous by choosing decorative elements that come from your area. For instance, you may want to use natural limestone to make a wall look more interesting, or you may want to use native plant species to add color to your home.

Following a current trend doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. Look for affordable options like shopping at discount furniture warehouses or reusing old items that have come back in style. With a little work, you can make your house look as good as possible for 2018.