It goes without saying that space can be an issue when living in a small NYC apartment and we are all guilty of piling up paperwork all over the place whether it's on a coffee table or on the dining table. Not only does this create a cluttered mess, but it's unsightly and no one likes it. However, with some clever ways you can create a cozy office space to keep all that paperwork organized and in one spot! Even if you don't have a dedicated room to call the office, you can still make room to arrange a cozy office space.


Main Living Space Solution

First, reevaluate the floor plan of your apartment and figure out which areas are not maximizing the given space. The ideal room to create a cozy office would be in your main living space because you may have the most floor space to play with. Consider rearranging the layout of your couches, coffee tables and TV stand to create that additional space where your office can be placed. If that means you move furniture a little closer to each other, you are making the living room a more intimate environment where you can entertain family and friends on a closer level.

Now that you have gotten your extra space, head to one of your favorite furniture stores in NYC for desks and chairs. Check out office desks with slim profiles to save space and consider picking up an area rug to make the new office feel like its own space. While your new found space will be a dedicated area where you can handle mail, paperwork and other home office work, don’t forget about simple storage solutions to keep everything organized. Wicker baskets, plastic bins and other storage solutions can all easily fit under one side of the new desk – making everything within an arm's reach and out of sight.


Bedroom Office Solution

One problem you may be faced with is not having enough room in your main living space to accommodate an office space. However, you can utilize unused floor space in your bedroom! While this option may seem unconventional, you have to work with the space you have and that separate office area is essential. But don’t worry because you can integrate a desk and chair into your bedroom without compromising your sanctuary.

As mentioned before, do a little rearranging and moving of furniture to create the space you need for a slim desk. Once you have enough space, decorate the desk with personal touches like a potted plant, a decorative lamp or another accessory that can be placed on the desk. The added elements will only enhance your bedrooms' overall appeal and make it blend into everything around it rather than stand out. Be sure you still incorporate some form of storage under the desk to keep everything clutter-free.

Finding extra space in your NYC apartment can be tough, but with a little bit of creativity, you can easily add that much needed home office even if it's not in a separate room!