Choosing the Best Style of Carpet for Your Living Room


Carpet shopping is a lot like car shopping. You’ll have to go through different brands, colors, styles, all of which can make your head spin. What’s more, you might end up dealing with high pressure salespeople which can be overwhelming.

Sometimes, all you want to do is go with a basic style and color in mind and listen to what the salespeople will recommend.

Just like shopping for furniture, carpeting is one of the biggest investments you’re likely to make in your home. By carrying out some research, comparing what’s available, and working with renowned retailers, you can buy a carpet that fits your needs. Moreover, you can have the peace of mind knowing that you got a quality product at a good price.

The living room is one of the trickiest areas to carpet. It’s the place you relax with your loved ones, entertain guests, and where your children and pets spend time.  It’s therefore essential to give careful thought to the kind of carpet you choose because this room serves many purposes.

Here are some helpful tips to help you choose the best style of carpet for your living room.


The Material

Today’s carpets are made of synthetic, wool, and wool mix fibers. Each of these materials have their own benefits and qualities. Wool is an excellent choice as its not only elegant, but it also acts as a fantastic insulator ensuring that your space is warm.

Wool mix carpets are practical and chic. They are ideal for busy families as they are resistant to wear and tear and you can easily clean them. If you’re going after a British themed style, wool mix carpets would be your best bet.

Man-made carpet or synthetic fibers carpet are hardwearing and attractive. They are an excellent choice if you have pets and children always running and playing around as the material can cope with spillages, dirt, and traffic dust.

Determine Your Need

Are you looking to make your space seem larger or create an inviting space? Having this in mind will help you choose the best carpet. Browns, reds, and blacks make a spacious living room feel inviting and cozy. Pale colors make your space appear larger while neutral colors work best in modest sized living rooms.

Find out what it would look like by visiting a Showroom

A showroom gives you a better idea of how a carpet will look like in your own living room. What’s more, you get to examine the texture and color of carpet samples. There are experts who are there in case you need any help or advice on what to opt for.

Look Out For Underlay

One of the best ways to ensure that your carpet lasts for long is to use underlay.  Underlay supports the carpet and helps to guard against indentations caused by sofas which may further increase your carpet’s wear.

For those looking for extra comfort, underlay provides a layer of padding which enhances this. Moreover, it offers extra insulation for your home.

Design of the Carpet

You need to decide if you want your carpet to fade into the background, complement your furniture, or act as the focal point. If you’re after a focal point, go for large, dominant patterns. However, these are not suitable for small rooms as they can make it appear smaller and cluttered.

Plain textures complement a space with boldly colored furniture. Nevertheless, they can make a room look dull and empty.

Go for shades that match your room’s tone and décor.


If your living room has plenty of natural light, you’re better off going for a darker shade of carpet. A lighter carpet will work best if your room doesn’t have enough lighting.

The right carpet can transform any living room. Whether it’s enhancing elements to your interior or injecting some extra warmth and color, there are multiple benefits to a living room carpet.  The above tips will help you decide on the right type of carpet for your space.