Buying new furniture can cost quite a bit of money, especially when you want the latest styles to give your home or office a contemporary look. You can, however, save money by following a few bargain furniture hunting tips.

The next time you shop for furniture, make sure you follow these five tips to get the best deal possible.

Search the Internet for Great Furniture Deals

Many people want to get rid of furniture when they move to new homes. Since they may need to sell the furniture, they’re willing to part with items at low prices.

Check out websites like Craiglist and Freecycle to find furniture listings. For the latest styles, focus on listings in upscale neighborhoods. The people that live there often have wonderful furniture that people in other areas can’t afford.

Take Advantage of Sales

Unless you need new furniture immediately, you should wait until the furniture stores near you have sales. Showrooms typically hold their best sales around holidays like Labor Day, Memorial Day, and the Fourth of July.

You can also find great deals when stores prepare to introduce new lines of furniture to their showrooms. New products usually come to stores in February and August, so you should keep your eyes open for sales during January and July.

Take Time to Haggle With the Seller

Buying furniture is a lot like buying a car. The sticker price isn’t always set in stone. Members of the sales team often have some flexibility when it comes to price and services.

You can improve your haggling technique by:

* Researching furniture to learn what prices other stores charge.

* Bringing cash to the store.

* Knowing how much you’re prepared to spend on the items you want.

* Asking for services like free delivery.

* Being prepared to walk away when you don’t get a good deal.

Negotiating takes time, but it can save you a significant amount of money. Plan your shopping day so you have plenty of time to haggle with salespeople.

Buy From Stores Going Out of Business

When a furniture store gets ready to go out of business, it can either sell its stock to consumers or liquidators. More often than not, the stores can get more money by selling items to consumers. Liquidators, after all, need the lowest possible prices so they can make decent profits when they sell the products to other companies or consumers.

Pay attention to which stores are going out of business. If you see that a furniture store within driving distance plans to shut its doors soon, prepare to go there and get low prices on items for your bedroom, living room, kitchen, and other parts of your house.

Shop at Discount Stores

Instead of spending a lot of time searching for sales and stores going out of business, you can head to a discount furniture store ( such as Express Furniture Warehouse) that always sells its items at rock-bottom prices.

Many discount stores have contemporary furniture that will look beautiful in your home. They may even have some clearance items for sale at deeply reduced prices.

Before you purchase furniture online or from a typical furniture store, make sure you visit the discount stores in your area. You could find excellent deals on the types of furniture that you want to buy.

Buying new furniture doesn’t have to cost you a lot of money. You just need to know the right places, times, and negotiation techniques to get the best bargains while hunting for furniture. If you follow these tips, you should find that you can get lower prices when you furnish your home.