It’s time to embrace the New Year and make way for new beginnings! Every New Year, people all over the world have resolutions and almost 1 billion people watch the ball drop in Times Square and 1 million crowd the streets in New York to catch a glimpse. With that being said, the New Year brings with it a vast amount of new opportunities and changes so isn’t it time you see some change too?

Make it a point to freshen up your living space and replace your old, dated furniture with brand new replacements. Swapping out furniture can transform every room dramatically and give your space a renewed feeling. Not only will it change the vibe of a room, but it will also provide you with ultimate comfort – so no more sagging couches. Take a trip to local New York furniture stores to check out their selection of new arrivals and timeless classics with prices that will fit anyone’s budget. Take for instance the large assortment of gorgeous living room sets from Express Furniture Warehouse, where you will find a great range of materials that vary from fabric to leather to more.

Once you have revamped your living room, upgrade your dining room to 2015 with a beautiful dinette combination. Whatever styles suit your tastes, you’ll be bound to find something you like and with the new set, your eating area will be an inviting and relaxing place to grab a bite. But let’s not forget about making your bedroom a tranquil retreat where you can retire for the night and slip into a comfortable, deep sleep. By changing your bedroom furniture to a sleek and modern set, you can instantly relax and let the stresses of the day disappear. Not only will a new set be visually appealing, but you’ll get years of dependable use and value out of it!

It’s never too late to add a few extra things on your New Years’ resolutions list, so be sure to have new furniture at the top. Why completely renovate your home when you can immediately transform your space with a simple change of furniture? It is the economical way to instantly improve your home décor!