What if you could instantly update any room? Rugs are the grounding element for any space or style. Adding a rug there can dramatically transform any room. Unfortunately, most people view a rug as an afterthought and even when it’s added, often it’ done incorrectly.

This is mainly because a large part of decorating with rugs is based on the principles of proportion. What’s more, you need to know how to balance color, texture, and style.

Here are some tips on different ways to use rugs for decorating.

Scale to Fit

A rug should be scaled to fit with your entire décor. Placing a small rug in front of a large sofa may not work. Be generous and treat your rug as an anchor point for a room. If you have enough space, ensure that all your furniture is placed on the rug. You can also use the rug to differentiate different zones in your interior space. For an open space, you could have a rug to differentiate the dining room from the living areas.


Go For Neutrals

A lot of people are likely to go for traditional beige carpeting for an open living space. However, a neutral rug would be ideal if you’re looking to elicit a sense of style. For a touch of luster with timeless grace, opt for rigs finished with a vintage wash. You can also find soil and stain resistant fibers in neutral colors for high-traffic zones.

Having neutral pieces of furniture such as the sofa gives the eye some rest if you have a beautiful, bold rug on the ground.


Match the Rug to the Room’s Accessories

To ensure that the rug blends with well with the rest of the décor, match a color from the rug’s pattern with some accessories like light fixtures or throw pillows.


Choose a Rug Carefully

It’s easy to all into the trap of buying a rug because you like its color, texture, or pattern.  But before you rush to buy any rug, decide how it will look and feel in your home.  If you’re looking to complement the look you already have in your space, go for a rug that matches your current style. You could also work with a graphic pattern even if you tend to gravitate towards traditional style.


Experiment with colors

Colored rugs infuse your space with a playful and joyful feel. If you decide to choose a colorful rug, ensure that the other elements are neutral. You can then accessorize, bring in flowers, and art to complement your space.


Use Rugs to Create Illusion of a Larger Space

While it’s normal to have a runner rug in the kitchen, you can break the rules and have a combination of rag rugs to create a casual, yet cozy look in the kitchen. Furthermore, these rugs warms up appliances and the cabinets. Stripped rugs help to create the impression of a larger space.


Go For Plush Rugs for Your Dinning Area

Plush and luxe rugs look great on the dining area. They also create a bohemian setting while adding a cozy feel to the area.  You can layer the rugs to create a unified, yet natural look. Do not forget to include rug pads as they help keep your rug from sliding out of place while adding an extra layer of protection from damage to your floors.

Always ensure that there is an additional 2 feet of carpet around the sides of the rug as this makes it easy to enter or exit the table as you enter or exit the table to pull out the chairs.

Use an Oriental rug For Wall Décor

For high ceilings, you can use an oriental rug to decorate.  Using a rug as a wall hanging not only adds visual interest, it also creates warmth to your room.

Decorating with rugs is a great way to spruce up a boring space. Rugs add color and warmth to a home. When shopping for a rug, determine your style, budget, and your interior décor. With this in mind, you’ll be able to choose a rug that best suits your décor needs.