Living in a small space doesn’t mean you have to live in a cramped space. In fact, you can turn any small space into a spacious and inviting room with a few simple tricks. It all comes down to tricking the eye into perceiving more square footage with the smart use of practical designs that can be appropriately scaled to the right size. With that said, check out these six snazzy secrets to maximize your square footage to many any space feel bigger!


1. Let The Outside In

Did you know window treatments like curtains and drapes can actually make a room feel smaller? When you cover up a window, the room feels closed in and shuttered from the outside world. Plus, it blocks a great amount of natural light! Instead of covering the windows with blinds or curtains, consider removing them completely because it will add more depth to the room and brighten it up at the same time. However, if you are unwilling to ditch the window treatments completely, consider getting curtains that are the same color of the walls because the eye won’t be as distracted from contrasting colors. Additionally, you could make a compromise and meet in the middle by removing the curtains or blinds and covering the window with tinted film from the hardware store.

2. Strategically Place Mirrors

Mirrors are much more versatile than you might think because they can be one of the greatest tools to make any room feel instantly larger. For instance, if you pick up a long and skinny mirror, you could place it in the kitchen on the wall above the counter where it’s typically a darker area. This will do a few things: the mirror will help spread light around, it’ll be easier to see the food you’re preparing and the space will feel bigger. Additionally, you could get crafty and place mirrors on the fronts of cabinet doors to brighten up the kitchen. Moving out from the kitchen, any room can benefit from a floor length vertical mirror because it draws the eye up and plays on the vertical space.

3. Condensing Living Room Furniture

One of the biggest mistakes in a small living room is filling it with numerous pieces of furniture because they can take up valuable square footage. Instead, you can still offer up a large amount of seating in one piece – a sectional! Sectionals can replace a couch, love seat and armchair in one unit, which means you save space and have more usable area in the room. Plus, when you have a sectional, there are less pieces of furniture that crowd the room – once again playing on the visual trickery. Also, be sure to make use of an ottoman because it can serve as additionally seating and a coffee table when you need it.

4. Smart TV Storage

Choosing an entertainment stand for the living room is very important because you want something that can be functional yet practical. With that in mind, choose an entertainment console that boasts ample storage space for all your entertaining needs. You’ll have a place to hide your cable boxes, DVDs, game consoles, books and other knick-knacks.

5. Keep Flat Surfaces Clear

Coffee tables, counters, dining tables and all other flat surfaces seem to attract mail, keys, magazines and other things that just translate into clutter. Keep flat surfaces clear because small items can make a space seem cramped. Also, this goes hand-in-hand with a popular design rule by style experts: decorative accents and pieces that are smaller than a cantaloupe tend to crowd a space. That means you should choose a few larger decorations and strategically place them in a room because you’ll still give the room flare but won’t take away from the visual space.

6. See-Through Furniture Is Your Best Friend

When we say ‘see-through’ furniture, we’re talking about pieces of furniture that are translucent, like glass-topped dining setsglass-topped coffee tables and night stands. When you have pieces that are see-through, it makes any room feel larger because there isn’t a solid surface blocking your view. Additionally, if you’re looking for a way to make your bathroom seem bigger, consider swapping out the shower curtain for a clear one and try to make it as bright as possible with white accents because it’ll keep the space feeling airy and open.


With these tricks, you can make any small living space feel much bigger than they really are. To find the best multifunctional pieces of furniture for your home, check out the inventory at one of the best furniture stores in NYC, Express Furniture Warehouse, that has deals, steals and more!