Whether you are rearranging a room or you are moving to a new place in NYC, moving furniture can sometimes be a physically demanding task. In order to reduce risk of injury when moving furniture, you want to minimize the amount of physical stress you exert. There are some ways to make moving big and small furniture a breeze without damaging it!

1. Enlist Helpers

While it may seem like common sense, having more than one person move furniture can save time, effort and help protect your furniture. You can ask friends, family and neighbors to lend extra hands while moving furniture around. You also have the option of hiring professional movers that can arrange your furniture and can transport it to another location. If you look into a moving service, find a team that charges a one-time flat fee so they do their job as efficiently and quickly as possible. Avoid hourly paid workers because they may not be as motivated or consistent!

2. Slide

Sliding furniture around a room can be easy with the help of felt pads. Felt can create less friction between the legs of the furniture and the floor and can be installed in no time. It makes it very simple to push the furniture where you want it and also saves you the strain on your back from lifting. Felt pads work wonders on non-carpeted floors and also prevents scratches on the furniture legs.

3. Dollies and Hand Trucks

If you need to move a big piece of furniture – in or out – a hand dolly can give you some much needed assistance. They feature wheels that make is very easy to transport sofas, dressers and tables into another room. An additional tip to follow is to wrap the furniture in bubble wrap or a padded blanket. The extra cushion will provide protection from dings and knicks.

4. Delivery

Don’t be worried about transporting new furniture from a store to your place because you can find cheap furniture stores that offer same day delivery! You avoid the hassle of renting a moving van and you don’t have to load the furniture yourself. The delivery will save you time and effort plus you have brand new furniture in your new place. Be sure to take advantage of delivery options when searching for new furniture because you are less likely to damage it or injury yourself.