We've all had that thought when walking into a furniture showroom, how do they keep everything looking nice and new? Think about it – a lot of people come in every day to check out furniture to get a feel for it, sit down on it and envision it in their home. Showroom furniture can take a beating with consistent use but somehow, furniture stores manage to keep them looking spotless and new, time after time again. The sole purpose of furniture is to be used and if stores can keep their floor models looking amazing, than you can too! By checking out these four tips, you can keep your furniture looking showroom ready in your own place for years to come.

1. Couch Cleaning

Furniture should be treated like any other object in your home, meaning you should clean it regularly. Depending on the type of material your furniture is made of, you have to find the proper cleaning products to care for it. For instance, if you have fabric couches, consider taking a vacuum and going over it with the wand attachment to suck up any crumbs, pet hair or dust that may be on it. For tight corners and stubborn crumbs, use a brush to lift them out of the fabric. Additionally, spills should be immediately treated with a mild detergent so stains are prevented.

But, if your furniture is made of a different material like bonded leather, a soft, damp cloth can remove dirt, dust and body oil. For more cleaning power, use leather cleaner or non-detergent soap and your furniture will always have a nice shine. Remember, you want to regularly maintain and care for your couches to keep that showroom look!

2. Table Cleaning


When it comes to end tables, coffee tables, TV stands and dining tables, regular cleaning is required to keep them gleaming. Start off by dusting the tables and then taking a damp cloth to areas that have grime or other soiled marks. Just like mentioned above, tables can be made of different materials like wood and metal, so be sure to use the proper cleaning products to care for them. When you are maintaining wood furniture, polishes can help prevent dust and give them that bright, shiny look.

As a general rule of thumb, always use the same polish on wood furniture and be sure to check that your tables are compatible with the polish. And of course, glass cleaner can be used for glass-topped tables.

For tables constructed with metal, a damp cloth with some soap can suffice, but be gentle as you do not want to ruin the finish. After all, you want your furniture to look like those in showrooms at furniture stores in NYC! And as always, quickly clean up messes right after they happen to prevent stains.

3. Furniture Position

To put your furniture in the best light, literally, strategically place furniture near light fixtures because it will show its true colors. But there is one caveat, keep your furniture away from areas in your home where you get a lot of sunlight because over time, UV rays can discolor fabrics and materials as well as dry out leather. If placement near windows is unavoidable, be sure you have proper window coverings to lessen the effect.

4. Don't Forget About Accessories

Lamps, rugs, wall art and other accessories should also be properly cared for on a regular basis. Dust can accumulate on anything and everything, so be sure to vacuum, dust and wipe down furniture accessories often! They complement your entire space and you wouldn’t just want your couch to look good and then have a mountain of dust on lamp shades.