Welcome the new season with some great fall inspired designs that can give your apartment a new look and bring the outdoors inside! One of the best things living in New York is the ability to experience every season at its fullest which means all the beautiful fall colors like oranges, reds and yellows can be seen right out your window. With that being said, it is easy and inexpensive to spruce up your apartment with some fall decorations!


1. Dinette Decorations

One of the best things about kitchen dinette sets is that you get to swap out placemats and centerpieces! Just by simply adding placemats to your dinette can give your eating area that autumn inspired look. Another great idea is to place a rug under your dinette because it will give you added comfort and provide a pop of color on the ground. If your dinette has a modern glass top, the accent rug will provide even more appeal.

2. Living Area

Now that you’ve gotten some design ideas for the eating area of your place, it’s time to decorate your living area. Dress up your furniture with throw pillows and fleece blankets. Look for pieces that have fall inspired colors like orange and red which can make any space a little cozier. If you like to decorate your place all year round, consider checking out some furniture stores in NYC for neutral colored furniture that will match any season.

3. Bedroom

Changing the look and feel of your bedroom is as easy as changing the sheets. Swapping out your sheets, pillow shams and comforter with fall inspired pieces can drastically change the way it looks and it may be the only thing you do! If you want to give your bedroom a spooky look, add faux cob webs to your headboard and carry that through to your dresser. If you have a matching bedroom package that includes a mirror, you can give it a weathered look by making the glass appear dusty. All you have to do is brush on some baby powder in the corners to give it an eerie dusty/foggy look.

Decorating your place is easy and can be very inexpensive, plus you have the benefit of reusing the decorations for next year. So the next time you have some free time, check out some stores for great fall décor!